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India is a diverse and premium destination for fabric product sourcing. We at TSSI possess deep understanding of the retail landscape and can bring this expertise with a complete sourcing strategy for our clients across the globe. Having worked with a vast network of vendors over a long time we know their operations. Each vendor is selected according to the client’s personal requirements. We evaluate the suppliers based on their merits like infrastructure, MOQ, processes that they can do inhouse, Certification requirement of the customer and prices. We work with honesty and ethics, efficiency and accuracy, passion and dedication, knowledge and skill. When we take up a project we run that extra mile, that’s what makes us different. We form teams of collective brilliance, the clients, the merchant and the vendor are all part of the same team, working with synergy.


We strive to minimise the harm done by our productions by reducing the amount of fabric scraps and packaging waste. This is done by reusing the waste fabric and making small products, these are made by the under-privileged women associated with unorganised sectors to help the unskilled workers as a small effort to help the society. The packaging materials used are made to be more environment-friendly to reduce the carbon footprint.


We aim to provide a wide variety of sustainable and carbon-neutral products while also supporting the small artisans and weavers in India. Our ability to anticipate future challenges and respond effectively to changing market demands is our core strength that we offer to both the vendors and customers. Our team possesses passion for detail and ethics, values customer satisfaction and maintains transparency. Our sole purpose and motivation is to work our level best and make our customers happy as it is well said that “If you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will.”


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